Google Update March 2024: Boost Search Quality & Tackle Spam


In March 2024, Google rolled out a significant core update aimed at improving the quality of search results and combating spam. This update brings algorithmic changes and introduces new spam policies to enhance the overall user experience. Let’s explore the key aspects of the Google Update March 2024.

Google Update March 2024: Enhancing Search Quality and Tackling Spam - article by Attila Bögözi

1. Algorithmic Enhancements for Quality Ranking

Google’s core ranking systems underwent algorithmic enhancements to prioritize helpful information and reduce unoriginal content in search results. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Refining Core Ranking Systems: The update focuses on understanding whether webpages are genuinely helpful or if they were created solely for search engines. Google aims to minimize low-quality content by identifying sites that cater primarily to specific search queries.
  • Impact on Search Results: By implementing these changes, Google expects to reduce the presence of unhelpful and unoriginal content by approximately 40% in search results. This means more traffic will be directed to high-quality websites.

2. New and Improved Spam Policies

Google’s commitment to fighting spam remains steadfast. The Google Update March 2024 introduces updated spam policies to address evolving abusive practices. Let’s explore these policies:

a. Scaled Content Abuse

  • Google has long prohibited the use of automation to generate low-quality or unoriginal content at scale. The new policy targets instances where automation is involved in creating content solely for manipulating search rankings.
    Read more about What is Scaled Content Abuse.

b. Site Reputation Abuse

  • To maintain search result quality, Google takes action against manipulative behaviors related to site reputation. This ensures that websites with a poor reputation do not dominate search results.
    Read more about What is site reputation abuse.

c. Expired Domain Abuse

  • The update also addresses the misuse of expired domains. Websites that repurpose expired domains as spam repositories will face stricter enforcement under the new spam policies.
    Read more about What is expired Domain Abuse.

3. Reducing Unhelpful and Unoriginal Content

Google draws from past experiences to tackle unhelpful content. The March 2024 update specifically targets:

  • Thin Content: Pages with minimal substance or value will see reduced visibility.
  • Duplicate Content: Google aims to minimize duplicate content across the web.
  • Keyword-Stuffed Pages: Over-optimized pages designed solely for ranking will be affected. I have written an article about keyword stuffing and how to avoid it a while ago. Check it out.

The expected outcome? A 40% reduction in low-quality, unoriginal content cluttering search results.

4. Preventing Manipulative Behaviors

Google’s ranking systems and spam policies work in tandem. The update takes targeted actions against manipulative practices, ensuring fair competition and a level playing field.

5. Encouraging Genuine, User-Focused Content

Creators, take note! Google encourages:

  • Quality Content: Prioritize valuable, trustworthy information.
  • User-Centric Approach: Focus on user needs rather than gaming the system.
  • Enhanced Search Experience: By adhering to these principles, you contribute to an improved search ecosystem.
Google Update March 2024: Enhancing Search Quality and Tackling Spam - article by Attila Bögözi
Google March update impact on – screenshot from Semrush


The Google Update March 2024 represents a significant step toward delivering more relevant and reliable search results. As website owners and content creators, it’s essential to align with these changes by providing valuable, original content that genuinely serves users’ needs.

Remember, quality matters, and Google’s commitment to improving the search experience benefits both users and ethical website owners. Stay informed, adapt your strategies, and continue creating content that adds value to the digital landscape.

Crawling updates: Google will crawl your website less frequently, so every time you fix something or do some changes it will take a bit more time to re-crawl your website. Make sure you use Google Search Console.

For more details, you can refer to the official Google blog post on the Google Update March 2024.
For more details on abusing the search rankings, make sure you read the continuation of this article: Google Search Abuse


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