Cart Abandonment: Top 5 reasons your customers are leaving their cart!

What is cart abandonment?

Cart abandonment refers to a scenario where potential customers add their chosen products to their shopping cart but do not finalize their order. Cart abandonment is a pervasive issue in e-commerce, significantly impacting business revenue. While browsing online stores is straightforward, convincing customers to complete their purchases remains a challenge. Understanding and implementing strategies on how to decrease cart abandonment is crucial for any e-commerce business aiming to improve their conversion rates and boost revenue.

Cart Abandonment - Article by Attila Bögözi, eCommerce Expert

1. Unexpected costs


One of the major drivers of cart abandonment is the addition of unexpected costs at checkout. Customers are often not prepared for extra charges that appear at the last minute—such as shipping, taxes, or handling fees.

Statistical insight

Unexpected costs are the number one reason customers abandon their shopping carts, with as many as 60% of potential buyers deterred by these surprise fees.


Transparency is key: Always display all costs upfront to avoid any surprises during the checkout process. This includes taxes, shipping fees, or any additional charges that might apply.
Incentivize with free shipping: Consider thresholds for free shipping to encourage customers to add more items to their carts or simply include shipping in the price of your products where possible.

2. Mandatory account creation


Forcing customers to create an account before they can make a purchase is a significant deterrent. Many customers prefer a guest checkout to save time and effort, especially if they are in a hurry or making a one-time purchase.

Consumer psychology

Customers value convenience and speed during their shopping experience. A mandatory sign-up process can feel like an unnecessary hurdle.


Guest checkout option: Allow customers to bypass account creation, which is a vital step in how to decrease cart abandonment.
Simplify the sign-up process: If account creation is necessary, ensure the process is as streamlined as possible. Minimize the information required and consider social login options to speed up the process.

3. Complex checkout process


A lengthy or complicated checkout process can frustrate customers and lead them to abandon their purchases midway.

Best practices

Analyzing successful e-commerce sites shows that reducing the number of steps in the checkout process can significantly decrease cart abandonment rates.


Reduce checkout steps: Aim for a three-step checkout process—address input, payment details, and order review.
Autofill user data: For returning customers, use autofill to speed up the process, only asking for confirmation of the details.

4. Limited Payment Options


Not offering preferred payment options can stop a sale dead in its tracks. Customers have varied preferences for payment methods, influenced by factors like security, convenience, and availability.

Market analysis

Diversifying payment options caters to a broader audience, reducing the likelihood of cart abandonment.


Diverse payment gateways: Include popular payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and even financing options like Afterpay or Klarna.
Local payment preferences: Consider the most popular payment methods in your target market and ensure they are included. Also consider couriers and shipping companies who offer and accept payment solutions to simplify the process even more. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for the customer.

5. Concerns over payment security


Security concerns are a significant barrier to completing a purchase. Customers need to trust that their personal and payment information is secure.

Security features

Prominent display of SSL certificates and security badges can reassure customers of the security of their data.


Display security measures: Use visual cues like padlock icons, security badges, and certification logos prominently throughout the checkout process.
Educate your customers: Provide information on how you protect their data, possibly through a dedicated section or FAQ page on your website.

Additional steps for decreasing you cart abandonment

Optimize mobile experience

With the increasing use of mobile devices for shopping, ensuring your mobile site is optimized and user-friendly is crucial to prevent cart abandonment. Make sure to thoroughly test your layout with special focus on the checkout steps and process.

Effective retargeting strategies for abandoned carts

Utilize email and social media retargeting to remind customers of what they’ve left behind and encourage them to complete their purchase.

Clear return policies

Clearly articulate your return policies at relevant points in the shopping process to reassure customers and reduce purchase hesitations. Be as human as possible! Always remember that you are also a customer of somebody else when you shop online, so provide useful info and services to your customers.

Engage with interactive elements

Incorporate interactive elements like quizzes and augmented reality to enhance engagement and guide customers through a personalized shopping experience.

Address delivery concerns

Be upfront about delivery times and costs early in the shopping process to manage expectations and minimize last-minute surprises that could lead to cart abandonment.

Boost your sales with these top 5 tips for decreasing Cart Abandonment. Article by Attila Bögözi


Tackling the issues that lead to cart abandonment can significantly enhance your e-commerce website’s effectiveness. By understanding and addressing these top reasons, you can improve your checkout process, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately boost your sales. Implement these changes today to see a decrease in cart abandonment and an increase in completed transactions on your platform.

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